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Sales | Sell Anything in 5 Easy Steps: From Management Secrets, to Life Insurance, Used Car & Auto, to Real Estate, Phone, Direct, Email, Training, Techniques & Much More

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Probably Needs to be Re-Titled: Stop Being a F*ckin Loser and Make Some Real Money.

This is The Greatest Sales Book Ever Sold. Once Complete, Clarity Will Prevail.

The sales world is becoming more competitive everyday. Closing your first sale, and your next is going to be much harder than ever before. You're probably looking for a sales book that will help you sell your product or service easily. You may have already read a few but found the techniques too general, and not applicable to you or your clients. No need to worry, you have found the book you?re looking for! Straightforward and simple, this one of a kind sales training guide gives you a unique perspective on how to learn the best sales techniques by developing your own selling style.

Instead of just enumerating general tips on how to become successful in sales, this book summarizes a complete and simple process that you need to undertake- if you want to be able to sell anything. Sales training nowadays has become a list: Do this and don?t do that, or be this, and don?t be that, etc. One thing that most sales books lack is the recognition of your own pre-sales self.

Before you ventured into sales, you already had at least some set of skills, notions, attitudes, and predispositions. Do you need to change all of those? Is your current mindset preventing you from being a successful salesperson? This book will provide answers to those questions and more! It will take you through a journey to sales excellence.

You will learn that you do not need to fall under the sales person stereotype, which is ?super-friendly, overly optimistic, always dressed-to-kill and deceitful manipulators?. You can continue being yourself with just a little change in attitude. Sales expertise is not about deception or manipulation. It is about mastering your product, knowing your clients and improving yourself.

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn:
  • How to become the ?Sales person you?d like to buy from? by understanding yourself and setting the right attitude.
  • How to leave a good impression by dressing appropriately, honing your communication skills and building your confidence
  • How to achieve product mastery by learning every aspect of the product you are trying to sell, as well as ways on how you can learn it, aside from your initial product training.
  • How to learn more about your target market and your prospect clients: the things they need, the things they want, and their priorities.
  • How to develop effective sales strategies that fit your clients? needs and learning the importance of following the fundamental process of closing a sale including: catching your client's attention, building their interest and desire, validating their desire, convincing them to take action and finally closing the deal.
  • How to sell anything by applying psychosocial phenomena and concepts that were observed by experts, and were used as the underlying concepts by successful sales people around the world, and much more!

This is NOT your ordinary sales training book. It is your ONE-STOP shop to SUCCESS

Stop Being a Little Bitch! Get this Book NOW!

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