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RoofPax 4+2 Car Door Hooks for Securing Car Top Cargo Carriers. Heavy Duty, Double Coated, 100% Waterproof. Clips Used for Lashing Any Car Top Luggage: Car Roof Bag/Kayak/SAP/Skies.!

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Manufacturer Description

🚗 WHY HOOKS? Use RoofPax Car Door Hooks in order to attach any Car Roof Luggage, No more straps going through the inside of the car - It is VERY dangerous and might be even illegal in some states. Whether you are having a car roof rack or not - You can strap anything on your car roof.

🚗 WHAT IS IT USED FOR? You can use the RoofPax Hooks to attach any car rooftop cargo or top luggage on top of your car's roof such as;

? Car Roof Bag

? Car Roof Cargo or Luggage

? Car Roof Rack

? Kayak or SAP

? Wind Surfer

? Ski Equipment

🚗 HOW DOES IT WORK? Every car door has a rubber seal that prevents water from entering the car, If you pull the rubber seal down you will find the car door metal frame. Attaching a RoofPax Hook to the metal and pushing back the rubber seal will create a perfect strong loop outside your door that can be used for securely strapping any car roof cargo needed to get secured on the roof of your car.

Product Features

🚗 USE CAR DOOR HOOKS For Safely Lashing Your Car Top Cargo - NO MORE STRAPS INSIDE THE CAR Which might be VERY dangerous and illegal in some states as inside strap tying while carrying any car top cargo might abstract the Air-Bag from inflating properly or in a dangerous way. Use Car Door Hooks to as clips to attach any Car Roof Bag or other Car Top Cargo Carriers from now on! 🚗 HOOKS - IN, CAR RACK - OUT! - By using RoofPax 4+2 Car Door Frame Hooks you can strap any mounted luggage you chose to carry on top of your car roof. Weather it is a Car Roof Bag, Kayak, SAP, Wind Surfer or Skies - Just quickly install the hooks to the car door frame and tie down securely any Car Top Cargo. 🚗 100% WATER PROOF SOLUTION - By securing the HOOKS below the car door rubber steel frame you can rest assure that the original car door sealing will remain intact and if the hooks are installed properly you should never experience any water leakage. 🚗 UNIVERSAL FIT, STURDY STEEL & DOUBLE COATED - To ensure that the luggage on top of your car is securely tied down and tightened we have produced this universal RoofPax Hooks solution that can be used with any vehicle! We are using strong stainless steel that can withhold heavy duty usage and weights. We've also double coated the HOOKS with a special material that will make sure not to leave any marks or scratches on your car door metal frame. 🚗 LIFETIME WARRANTY ON BREAKAGE OR TEAR - We, at RoofPax, manufacture our products, Like these HOOKS, In the highest standards so our clients will enjoy a hassle free solution. Register your Warranty in our website.

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