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Lucky Baby's Stroller, Baby Carrier & Car Seat Warmer & Cooler. Use all year to keep Baby Warm in Winter & Cool in Summer. Attaches Effortlessly to anything - or use as a Backpack.


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Manufacturer Description

The Answer to "how to stop a baby from crying due to the heat (or cold)."Babies cannot regulate their own body temperatures, so we have to do it for them. Despite our efforts, summers can get ridiculously hot and winters bitterly cold. The perfect solution would be to have all-season comfort that is easy to use, portable, and offers the convenience of "go-anywhere comfort".

Well, Congratulations - you found Advanced Comfort Technology that is Clever, Innovative, yet Simple. Thanks to Lucky Baby's Cocogel, baby will be as cozy as can be because:

It Combines Convenience & Comfort
It has a shell and a gel pack that goes into the shell. When baby needs cooling, simply pop the gel pack in the freezer before putting it in the shell. When baby needs to be warmed up, microwave or boil it before placing it in the shell. Attach it to baby's stroller, car seat, carrier, or use as a backpack. Easy and ready to use!

Baby Stays Blissfully Comfortable
Designed to meet seasonal demands, and makes an instant impact on the comfort of your baby. Despite freezing, it stays soft and pliable against baby/ toddler's skin.

For the Baby (and Mom) who Appreciates Quality
Meticulously constructed with attention to detail. The shell has 3 layers of fabric to protect baby from extreme temperatures. The outer layer is 100% soft cotton while the inner layer maintains the temperature of the gel pack so that you can use it for longer. Easy to wear, hard to wear out.

An Indispensable Accessory
Cocogel offers an All-Season solution to the discomforts of weather for your baby. Purchase once and experience the benefits through the baby and toddler years. Cocogel can also be used as a hot/ cold pack to heal injuries.

Cocogel comes with a 100%, Manufacturer's Guarantee. If you or baby are not completely satisfied, simply return it for a refund.

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Product Features

STAY WARM DURING WINTERS & COOL DURING SUMMERS - Lucky Baby's CocoGel is newly designed to meet the demands of the seasons. This Gel pack offers all you need for year-round comfort. The gel can be frozen to keep children cool in hot, dry and humid climates, or microwaved during winters to keep babies warm. It's like a hot water bottle, without the hassles of dumping and refilling the water. WARMING or COOLING PAD FOR STROLLERS, CAR SEATS, ETC. - Cocogel is a must-have for babies on the go, and Prevents Overheating or Shivering while you're out because our dual purpose accessory is compatible with everything and easily attaches to any car seat, stroller, baby carrier, or simply carry as a backpack. It's practical, looks good, and works hard. BABIES STAY COMFORTABLE - Gel packs are protected by 3 layers of quality fabric, thereby preventing extreme temperatures. The outer 100% cotton layer is soft against baby's skin, while the inner layer maintains the temperature of the gel pack, thereby increasing its efficiency. ADAPTABLE, RELIABLE, CONVENIENT & VERSATILE - Cocogel offers a speedy and simplified approach to keeping babies and children comfortable through extreme temperatures, but offers a host of other uses: hot/cold pack to heal boo-boo's, healing sore muscles. STYLED TO PLEASE - Cocogel is designed to be eco-friendly, practical, durable and safe. Thanks to it's proven performance, all purchases come with a 100% manufacturer's money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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