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Emergency Roadside Car Kit Flares - 2 LED Flares In Roadside Light Kit | Roadside AAA Emergency Kit Uses Battery power | Safe LED Road Flares | Special Roadside Assistance Light For Your Safety

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Manufacturer Description

RUBBER-NECKING KILLS PEOPLE - Distracted Drivers Are Infamous For Turning Breakdowns Into Serious Accidents

When your kids or spouse hit the road there is always the risk that a quick trip to the store will become a hazardous event. Flat tires, engine trouble, dead batteries and more can leave them stranded on the side of the road not knowing what to do.

Even worse are other drivers who are distracted by phone calls, texts, music and more. The fact is that today, cars in the breakdown lane are at increased risk of a serious accident.

Without highly visible Emergency Roadside Flares flares to warn oncoming traffic, its a dangerous place to be.

Having Magnatek Emergency Roadside Car Kit Flares in your cars safety kit gives you peace of mind

Wherever they go, you will know they will never be stranded and invisible to oncoming traffic. In the daylight or dark, in the rain or snow, these powerful AAA emergency Roadside Kit LED Flares are visible for up to a half-mile, giving distracted drivers adequate warning to avoid ramming your loved ones car.

Use them in your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, and more. Visible up to 3,000 feet at night and up to 1,000 feet in daylight. These Emergency Roadside Car Kit Flares reduce the risk of accidents following a roadside breakdown. Uses 3 AAA batteries - no pricy or hard-to-find sizes required.

Safer, more reliable, they last longer and are easier to use than conventional flares. FAR BRIGHTER than standard Hazard lights.

YOU CANNOT GUARANTEE - that they will never have engine trouble or a flat tire, But You Can Ensure That They Have CRITICAL SAFETY ACCESSORIES on hand just in case they do!.

Order Magnatek Emergency Roadside Car Kit Flares for every vehicle in the family, and FEEL BETTER when your loved ones are out alone on our Roads and Highways.

Product Features

DUAL ACTION MAGNETIC UNITS - The Flares have a unique removable base that gives them dual abilities to stand on the road leading up to your vehicle OR their strong magnetic base enables them to be attached to your vehicle MAGNETICALLY - both ways are very Effective and Ensure Safety. These Emergency Vehicle lights simply work and Work Well! DISTRACTED DRIVERS are Infamous For Turning Breakdowns Into SERIOUS ACCIDENTS - These Emergency Roadside Car Kit Flares offer a great sense of safety -Know You and Your FAMILY ARE SAFE at all times in an Emergency Roadside situation. With easy replaceable AAA batteries this Roadside Assistance light is always ready. STRONG DURABLE CASE - these 2 LED FLARES come in a STRONG plastic weatherproof case. When not in use they store in their plastic case. We suggest that you keep the battery cylinder separate in the case to ensure they are ready to use when you need them. Easy to stow away in the trunk or under the seat of your Ride. Weather-resistant design ensures you'll always have a working emergency flare even on rainy or snowy days. OFF TO COLLEGE DEALS - NO FIRE NO FUMES NO FUSS - and none of the hidden costs associated with incendiary flares (damaged streets and uniforms, injured personnel, etc.). The LED Emergency Light Kit uses LED lights and batteries | They save you from the hassle of dealing with multiple incendiary flares. You would have to strike 80 incendiary flares, one after another, to achieve the same 20 hours of safety. - This Roadside Light Kit is an important addition to every vehicles safety kit. Use them in your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, and More BRIGHT ATTENTION GRABBING LED's - This LED Emergency Light Kit is visible from up to 3,000 feet and offer improved safety both day and night. These units are designed to display warnings in the most adverse conditions COMMAND ATTENTION ON BUSY ROADS - Multiple Lighting Sequences command attention even on the busiest of roadways. These emergency kits use a Reflective surface that increases visibility even in adverse conditions - they even have a INCOMING AIR RESCUE BEACON on the top of the flare that can be used as a torch as well if needed!

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