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A Fabulous One-Year, Thirty-Five-Thousand-Mile USA, Canada, and Mexico Road Trip!: America in the 70s! (The Road Trip Series Book 1)

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A Fabulous One-Year, Thirty-Five-Thousand-Mile USA, Canada, and Mexico Road Trip!
In my book I transport my reader into another world where they may or may not ever be, a Road Trip they may only dream about. I try to keep my book positive, adventuresome, humorous and fun to read.
I have been an explorer and a wanderer all of my life. I have always wanted to live every day to its fullest; the harsh reality of life is that we do not make it out of life alive.
Mentors assured me I would grow out of this state; maturity would turn me into a stable asset to society. When I felt the same at middle age, I was confidently told that old age would take care of this problem. When I reached old age, I am now seventy three, nothing has changed. In fact, I just went on a two week California Road Trip a few months ago and had an awesome time. My conclusion, this disease is happily incurable.
Travels, even if the same path, are all different and they all have their own personalities. What you have to accept to enjoy traveling to the max is that you do not take a trip, a trip takes you. I have always been very good at understanding and doing this.
Do not take this book too literally; I have added many touches to the Road Trip that one associates more with fiction than nonfiction. The book remains “true” in the way all good novels or narratives are true.
This journey described in this book might be considered a classic example of the heroic journey, the mythical structure that defines so much narrative literature. In the traditional myth, a hero—whoever they might be—abandons their safe haven and pushes forward into the wilderness in order to complete some quest. On the way, they face many tests, and discover their own rich resources and strengths. The story inevitably involves a returning that completes the cycle: the point being that, upon returning, the hero has been immeasurably strengthened and enlightened by the knowledge gained during the course of their difficult journey.
The next stage in traveling is the life span of the journey. This seems to be variable and unpredictable. Who has not known a journey to be over and dead before the traveler returns, like Steinbeck’s journey? The reverse is also true; many a trip continues long after the journey has ended. This Road Trip by me has always stayed with me, you will know why at the final page of this book.
This was the best Road Trip of many I have taken in my life. I was a different and a much better person at the conclusion of this trip and I learned a lot about myself, Americans and America.
I hope you enjoy reading about my Road Trip as much as I enjoyed living it.

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